Personnel Tracking Solutions are an essential tool in protecting staff.

Remcam can provide a modern and bespoke Personnel Tracking Solution to ensure that your staff remain protected no matter their location.

Why should I use an intelligent personnel tracking solution?

Whether you need to comply with Health & Safety legislation, want to improve your operational efficiency or provide protection for employees in lone working environments, Remcam’s GPS based tracking systems provide a dynamic and flexible solution for monitoring and analysing the movements of your employees wherever they may be. As long as you have an internet access on a device with a web browser, your information is only a few clicks away.
What responsibilities do I have?

As an employer, you have a responsibility under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 & the Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008 to ensure that your employees are not placed at risk while they are working. Our GPS based tracking systems can give you fingertip access to the information you require in order to assess risk and deploy appropriate solutions to keep your employees safe & secure at work
Is an intelligent personnel tracking system the solution?

If you are responsible for Health & Safety policy and procedure implementation, Remcam’s GPS tracking solutions could provide you with the opportunity to reduce risk whilst simultaneously improving profitability through the effective monitoring of employee movements.

Intelligent Tracking

If you have staff operating in any of the following roles, Remcam’s intelligent tracking solution could benefit your business:

  • Field based employees (e.g. sales staff, service engineers)
  • Staff working in the community (e.g. traffic wardens, probation officers, taxi drivers)
  • Staff conducting home visits (e.g. health workers, social workers, vets, domestic engineers, estate agents)
  • Employees working outside normal hours or are the only person on the premises (e.g. security workers, night shift workers)

If you are interested in how your business could utilise the technology available, please contact a member of the team now for more information.