Our Promise

At Remcam (Scotland) Ltd we believe you deserve a service promise you can rely on. The demands of business are rigorous enough without having extra hassle from your service providers. So, we’ve pioneered our Customer Service Charter which sets out simply and honestly the high standards of service you can expect from us.

And because we know that a promise means nothing unless it’s actually delivered, we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is with a unique money-back compensation pledge. We recognise the mutual value of building long-term loyalty and our service promise is designed to ensure we deliver the kind of service you can rely on and therefore encourage you to continue doing business with Remcam.

We genuinely aim to put you, our customer, first. In an industry generally beset by a poor reputation for customer care, the Remcam (Scotland) Ltd. Customer Service Charter aims to set new standards. By being open and transparent in our promises, you’ll know exactly where you stand. We appreciate that many suppliers make similar service promises and if you’ve been let down in the past, you might consider everyone to be tarred with the same brush. But not Remcam (Scotland) Ltd. We realise that we stand or fall by giving you the quality of service and care you are entitled to expect. Judge us by what we do.

Our Customer Service Charter summarises the minimum levels of service we aim to deliver and how we will make it up to you if things go wrong.

Remcam (Scotland) Ltd Customer Service Charter

Our Commitment

Remcam (Scotland) Ltd.aims to deliver the best possible service for all our customers. We understand you want solutions that meet your needs, value for money and the reassurance that comes from dealing with professionals. To ensure we continue to meet your needs and expectations we conduct regular customer surveys (by telephone, email or mail) to assess and evaluate our performance (good or bad). We also have in place a stringent process for monitoring and reporting service calls, enabling us to quickly identify and resolve potential problems. In addition, we conduct regular in-house audits to check the quality of our service delivery, identify any potential issues in delivering quality service, and implement remedial action through resource reallocation or staff training.

Our Service Promise

When you need to contact us with a general service enquiry, we will:

  • Respond to all general enquiries by telephone, email, fax or letter within the same working day
  • Identify the best person to deal with your query and make sure your enquiry is followed up to your complete satisfaction
  • Provide a designated Customer Service Contact to deal with any queries regarding your account

When you need to contact us about a fault or breakdown, we will:

  • Provide an engineer’s telephone response to all service calls within one hour (during office hours)*
  • Use the technology available to us to access your equipment remotely with you permission. From here we can on average solve over 80% of problems quickly and efficiently without the need to attend site. However if a site visit is still required we will know what the problem is allowing us to attend with any required replacement equipment to fix the problem first time.
  • Arrange a time to access the site, if necessary, responding to call-outs received before 10.30 am on the same working day* and to call-outs received after 10.30 am on the next working day*; if we’re likely to be unavoidably delayed, we’ll ring you well in advance to let you know and give an estimated time of arrival
  • Try to identify and fix the problem on site first time; if we can’t, we’ll advise you what the next step is and keep you informed of progress at all stages by telephone, text, email or fax
  • Replace standard equipment within three working days
  • Be easily identifiable on site by our corporate uniform and ID, and conduct ourselves in a polite, professional and courteous manner at all times

* Depending on the specific terms of your individual service agreement

Our Compensation Pledge

Despite our very best efforts, sometimes things do go wrong. We promise to deal with the problem quickly, effectively and courteously. Because we believe in putting our money where our mouth is, we’ll also give you a little something back to make it up to you.