Locate and track assets in real-time to increase operational efficiency, reduce theft and recover lost or stolen assets.

Remcam can provide clients with a complete Asset Tracking Solution enabling business owners to monitor company resources and equipment easily.

How does it work?

Remcam’s asset tracking solution involves the use of a GPS device which is fitted securely within the body of the vehicle/trailer and provides live tracking capabilities.

Where the device is fitted to a vehicle, the small GPS unit will re-charge its on-board power source by utilising the power available from the vehicles battery. In the event where the asset being tracked is a trailer or other “non-powered” asset, the GPS device will re-charge when it is connected to the main vehicle, for example by using the power supply to the rear lights.

Is it rugged enough to be used outdoors?

The tracking device is very rugged and suitable for outdoor use. It provides waterproof capabilities up to a depth of 1m, and is housed within an IP67 casing*. Within the unit is a motion sensor, which provides a method of detecting whether the asset is in use, moving or static. This device can also be used to trigger “geo-fences” when the device moves out-with a pre-configured zone.

What are the features of Remcam’s asset tracking solution?

Features include live on-line tracking, geo fencing capabilities, journey status indicators, current and historical day logs, scheduled email reports, flexible administration rights, alarms & low battery alerts.

If you are interested in how your business could utilise the technology available, please contact a member of the team now for more information.